About post-abortion distress

One of the first steps in healing from distress related to an abortion is to identify the feelings you may be having.  To understand your feelings about the abortion, it helps to understand why and how you got pregnant when you weren't planning to.  You might find some of your own feelings or experiences in the stories of other women who have dealt with post-abortion distress.

Sometimes the difficult emotions don't surface until years after the abortion.  Distress after an abortion is often connected to another unresolved painful event in your life. Men may also experience emotional or spiritual distress related to their partner's abortion.

This web site is meant to introduce you to an ongoing healing process.  If you wish to continue on the path to healing, you may want to order the book, Peace After Abortion.  When you begin to work with someone, including the author of a publication, you need to know the person's qualifications.  

We have also provided information about additional resources, including a pregnancy decision-making workbook that will be helpful if you are trying to decide what to do about a pregnancy.

The material on this web site is not intended to function as counseling or psychotherapy.  It does not in any way offer a "solution" or "cure."  If you continue to experience distress, please see a professional psychotherapist or counselor.  You can find out more about how to choose a counselor or therapist on the resources page.