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Mindful Therapy

psychotherapy practice of

 Ava  Torre-Bueno, LCSW 

Peace After Abortion

How Therapy Works & Heals

Therapy heals by supporting you as you get to know your true self.  Healing can only happen when you can move toward what is causing you pain, or keeping you stuck in self-harming habits.  By approaching what you find difficult, you can learn who you really are, what you really want, and you can stop fearing the negative beliefs that have kept you stuck.


It is difficult to approach the things that cause you pain because our culture teaches all of us to stay away from what is troubling us; to distract ourselves with busy-ness, substance abuse, and mind-numbing 'entertainment.'


To help you in this work I will gently direct your attention towards the things you seem to want to avoid.  This can cause anxiety, sadness, or anger, but once you have confronted the memories and feelings you have been avoiding, you can be free from their negative influence on your life.

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