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How it Works


SoulCollage® is a wonderful, engaging process ideal for self-care and personal reflection. No art training is required to create your unique and profound deck of cards.  Each card is just 5” x 8” so the process is “do-able” even if at first you’re not sure what you’re doing.  Sometimes you will find images in magazines, or in your own stash of photos that just want to be together on the same card.  You don’t have to know what the card is “about;” that will become clear sometime later on.  Other times you will have a subject in mind – a card about your inner critic perhaps, or a card about your favorite teacher.  Either kind of card making – intuitive or intentional – is right.  In fact, there is no “wrong” in SoulCollage®. 


After you have created a few cards, it is helpful to do a meditative exercise with the cards, letting each card “speak” for itself, starting with the phrase, “I am one who….”  A favorite teacher card for example might say, “I am one who…encourages you to stretch your intellect.  I am one who encourages you to look deeply into the whole story of what you’re reading in your textbook.  I am one who…etc.”  This exercise is surprisingly powerful and is an essential part of the SoulCollage® process.  What comes up and out of you can be astounding and enlightening.


Creating and using SoulCollage® cards helps you weave together separated or unappreciated parts of your self. These inner parts often exist next to each other for years, acting and reacting, but never cooperating. The SoulCollage® process facilitates these long-separated parts of self in coming together.  This is a powerful process of integration of the personality.  This process leads to deeper authenticity and even deeper meaning in your life.

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