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Mindful Therapy

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 Ava  Torre-Bueno, LCSW 

Peace After Abortion

Childhood Trauma

Many people who seek therapy are haunted by memories and feelings from childhood trauma or abuse.  They may not realize that trauma from their past is what is causing their current difficulties with their partner, children, or co-workers. Sometimes the trauma from childhood and adolescence is obvious, like having been beaten or molested repeatedly by a member of your family.


Sometimes it is more subtle emotional neglect, like being expected to take care of your parent's emotional needs and not being acknowledged as a separate self with your own wants and needs.  In either case, childhood abuse and trauma can effect every relationship you have in the present without you being aware of those effects.


If you are becoming aware of destructive repeating patterns in your relationship to your self and others, consider seeking help to understand and change the effects of childhood abuse and neglect.


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