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Mindful Therapy

psychotherapy practice of

 Ava  Torre-Bueno, LCSW 

Peace After Abortion

Depression, Anger, & Anxiety continued








There are two sides to anxiety in therapy.  On one hand, you may be coming to therapy because you have painful anxiety in a few, or in all, life situations.  Some people are anxious or fearful about just one or two things, like heights, crowds, snakes, etc. Others are anxious all the time and can have anxiety or panic attacks.


Therapy is the best method to treat both these kinds of anxiety. There are medications that can be very helpful in stopping the symptoms of anxiety, but research has shown clearly that psychotherapy can get to the roots of anxiety and you can really be finished with being anxious.


On the other hand, therapy itself will probably stimulate anxiety and you may have times of emotional discomfort. One of the skills you can learn in therapy is to soothe and contain your anxiety so that it becomes a catalyst for change rather than a hurdle in your life.

Click here for a guided-relaxation audio file that can be downloaded

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