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Existential Soul Collage


SoulCollage® is the process of creating your own set of collaged cards, each of which represents one part or aspect of your self.  Each card is its own “ah-ha” experience, and together, your deck of cards can be a powerful tool for insight, integration, and deeper access to your self and your relationships with those around you and to the larger world in which we all live.


I am a licensed therapist who uses SoulCollage® in work with individual clients and in groups.  Sometimes clients come to me seeking to use SoulCollage® as the only therapeutic mode they want to work in, and some clients just want to incorporate it into their on-going therapy.  I am happy to work either way and of course, to see clients without SoulCollage® being part of the process at all.  To see more about my practice, go to Mindful Therapy.

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